Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Beauty Essentials

Although many might think that an essential beauty product would be concealer (me included), there are many things that people forget about, that we really need!

Cotton Pads - These are always an essential to anyone, they're very versatile, you can use them for anything. I tend to use them to apply my micellar water, toner, remove my nail polish and sometimes even to clean my mirrors, but you can also use cotton pads to press loose powder onto your face (t-zone especially) to help mattify. They're not expensive either, I get mine from Wilkinsons for 70p a packet.

Cotton Buds - Cotton buds are always a saviour when doing a heavy eye make-up. If you get fall out from your eyeshadows, you can roll a cotton bud over the eyeshadow and it picks it up, without ruining your base make-up. They're also great for applying spot treatments, just put a little on the bud and dab it onto the affected area. 

Moisturiser - If for any reason you don't have much money lying around to spend on skincare, but you want healthier skin, just buy a moisturiser! It's the most important, moisturisers re-hydrate your skin, making it feel softer and look brighter. When I started doing my Beauty Therapy course in September, the first thing I was taught was that moisturiser is the most important, and it's always stuck in my mind.

SPF - This is definitely something everyone should have, not just beauty fiends! No one likes to get burnt, red, flaky skin is just not something we want. Wearing an SPF everyday, even on no make-up days, will benefit your skin. I use a moisturiser with SPF in to make sure my face is protected everyday. 

Hand/Foot Cream - Moisturising your hands and feet are pretty important, no one wants to be able to see cracked feet or have dry tight feeling hands all the time. 

Lip Balm - Well, no one likes to have chapped lips, not only is it uncomfortable, lip products never look right! Keeping our lips hydrated with a lip balm will keep them soft and supple, lip products will go on smoother, and everyone will want a kiss from your smooth lips, haha!

Base/Top Coat - Out of these I think a base coat is the most important, it prevents your nails from staining when you're wearing polish and can also help strengthen them. A top coat helps to prevent chipping and lets you get your wear out of that nail polish you're addicted to!

Heat Protection Spray - If you use a lot of heat on your hair like I do, a good heat protection spray is a must. It helps to prevent your hair drying out and getting premature split ends. It doesn't need to be expensive, you can get one in Boots now on 3 for 2. 

Flat Shader Brush - A flat shader brush is essential for eye make-up, they're great for applying an eyeshadow all over the lid. You can always use your finger but I think as brush is a lot more hygienic and gives a better coverage. You can also use a clean flat shader brush to blend eyeshadows and even darken up your crease. 

I hope this helped anyone wanting to start a beauty collection or a starter beauty kit.
Thanks for reading!
Love, Jasmine x

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